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How To Organize Your Closet

instabulb closet light

This new year, resolve to get organized! There is nothing better than the feeling of knowing everything you have, where it is and that it is all nice and neat.  One of the biggest things to tackle is the closet.  Behind that door may lie things that are old, new, never used and that you probably may not even need. gives some great tips and tricks for organizing those crazy closets easily, and ways to keep them that way.

The goal for your closet it to keep it simple, consistent and most importantly clutter free.  You want to be able to see everything that you have and not be fumbling around in the darkness trying to find the thing you need.  To do this you must have a closet light.  Most closets unfortunately do not come equipped with a great lighting system, if any at all.  To make things easier on you and your things, you should most definitely get a few stick up lights that with just a pull of the string, let you see everything you have in your space.  The InstaBulb is something that works perfectly for this purpose.  The best part is that you can even take it off its sticky wall holder and light any part of the closet you want.

Now get out there and start 2013 off clutter-free! Get some InstaBulbs and get organizing!