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InstaBulb Review On WMTW ABC News 8!


WMTW ABC News 8 tested the InstaBulb in a “Try It Before You Buy It” review.   The tester is an employee of FEMA, and travels regularly for her job.  When she gets ready to pack, she must fumble through a dark closet to find her suitcases and clothes.  She tested the InstaBulb As Seen On TV light bulb to see how it would light up her closet.  The tester was very impressed and said that she is going to buy more to place in other spots around her house!  Watch the whole InstaBulb review on the WMTW News 8 website here!

2 thoughts on “InstaBulb Review On WMTW ABC News 8!

  1. During Sandy, I was lucky enough to have 5 instabulbs. Two went to my daughter immediately and I gave one to a neighbor who didn’t have any candles. I kept the other 2 for ourselves and bought 2 more during the blackout. We were comfy cozy with light in every room THANKS TO INSTABULB. After two weeks we have electricity back on. THANKS INSTABULB

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