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Outdoor Entertaining Essentials – InstaBulb LED Lights


Good Housekeeping has written up some of the Outdoor Entertaining Essentials for the summer. From furniture to stereos, to lighting, they have described all the best  types and brands out there.  When it comes to outdoor lighting, Good Housekeeping recommends “the latest lighting trend” – LED lights.  These awesome alternatives to candles are battery powered so you do not need to worry about candles blowing out in the wind, or even messy wax.  They have longer lifespans and come in many different shapes and sizes.  Read the full article on Good Housekeeping online.

Want to get in on the latest must have lighting system? The InstaBulb is an LED lightbulb that has a stick up base and will stick to any surface.  It is also cool to the touch, so you never have to worry about getting burned.  Perfect for outdoors AND indoors, the InstaBulb the perfect LED light! Find out more on InstaBulb’s Official Site.

2 thoughts on “Outdoor Entertaining Essentials – InstaBulb LED Lights

  1. Hi, I am trying to find out the brightness of the instabulb. I understand it is listed lumens. Please let me know that or the comparative wattage. Thanks

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